Love and Pride in Seoul

Last Saturday I went to the Pride parade in Seoul. It was one of the first times I’ve really seen Seoul get weird, and it was a lot of fun! 

There was the parade, of course, but also a concert, speeches, and dozens of organizations representing a slew of causes. There were traditional drummers singing old Korean folk songs and a troupe of strippers in drag. 

There were also mothers of Korean LBGTQ children giving out free hugs, which can be seen in this touching video. 

The strangest part, for me, was the intense police and protestor presence. Police were stationed shoulder to shoulder, blocking off Seoul Plaza. I was happy they were around though, as it was clear that they were there to protect Pride. On every opposite corner, there were enormous and noisy anti-LGBTQ protests, like this one: 

My friend and I discussed how the struggle for rights was still very real in Korea. How things were different in America, now that gay marriage had been legalized. 

And then Orlando happened. 

It has become all too apparent that the struggle is still very real in America as well. 


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