Adventures on Nami Island 

Nami Island, also known as Nami sam or Naminara, is a nature park located about two hours northeast of Seoul.  It became a major tourist attraction after being featured in numerous dramas, including the outrageously popular “Winter Sonata”.  

There doesn’t seem to be any theme connecting the activities on the island-there is a replica of an ancient hut, a pen full of ostriches, sculptures of all shapes and sizes, bike paths, craft studios, and a “love tunnel” where people can write down their wishes and tie them to the sides of a chain-link tunnel.  


love notes

   One of the most bizarre statues at the park, was an enormous rendering of a woman breastfeeding.  

 It is supposed to represent how a river feeds the land, but I couldn’t help thinking about all the Americans trying to ban public breastfeeding- what would they make of this giant exposed breast? 

Nami island is in an area famous for its ddak galbi, or chicken bbq. We had some awesome ddak galbi cooked over a grill, instead of the usual metal sheet. It also came with cheese, so I was obviously in my element.  

 Nami island is definitely a strange little attraction but it’s worth the effort if you’re in he area! And for me, it was nice to get away from the concrete and neon  of Seoul for a day. 



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