Even though I’ve lived in Korea for more than a year now, I still make a lot of mistakes. Like, constantly. For example:

Jong-in stayed at my house for part of last week. He texted me while I was at work, asking where I keep the laundry detergent. I replied that it was on top of the washing machine.

Ya…that wasn’t laundry detergent.

Apparently I have been washing my clothing with fabric softener for the last two months. Jong-in assured me that it was an understandable mistake since everything on the bottle is written in Korean and I found it in the laundry detergent section. Fabric softener is usually a little cheaper than detergent, so I probably thought I was getting a deal. (Note: that is exactly what happened). He also went out and bought me some actual laundry detergent.

So next time you’re feeling dumb, remember that I washed my clothes with fabric softener for two months.


4 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. At the end of a trip in Jeju, I made the mistake of washing my clothes the night before leaving, which is what I usually do before packing. Well, the wash cycle went on for what seemed like 2 hours and then, everything had to be hung. Luckily, the spin cycle is awesome and everything dried by morning.

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  2. I share your pain. I washed my first load of laundry in Thailand with bleach! The result was one really cool reverse tye-die looking shirt, but mostly some clothing casualties. I don’t know how a bottle with soap bubbles and brightly colored shirts translates to bleach, but hey now I know! 🙂


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