Homemade Manduguk

I’ve wanted to try cooking Korean food for a while now, and I decided to start with manduguk,  a simple Korean dumpling soup. (For anyone interested in Korean – mandu means dumpling and guk is a type of thin soup). I was surprised by how easy it was to make! The recipe is below.

manduguk in bowl

3 cups of water

1 medium-sized white or yellow onion, chopped

1 tablespoon crushed garlic

3 tablespoons yeondu (yeondu is a Korean soup base- bouillon base could be used instead)

1 tablespoon fish sauce


4 frozen dumplings (I didn’t make my own mandu- maybe I will one day!- I used Bibigo brand traditional dumplings)

1/2 cup sal ddeok (Korean rice noodles, they might be difficult to find outside of Korea- try 99 Ranch or a specialty Asian food store)

1-2 green onions

1 egg, beaten

Put the water in a medium sized pot, and heat the water until warm. Add the onion, garlic, yeondu and fish sauce. Let it heat for a few minutes. Add the dumplings and bring to a boil. When the dumplings are finished cooking they will float to the top. After the dumplings are cooked, add the sal ddeok- they will cook really quickly! As a finishing touch, add the beaten egg and the green onion.

It actually tasted a lot better as leftovers, probably because the broth had had time to develop.

manduguk in the pot


2 thoughts on “Homemade Manduguk

  1. Did you eat manduguk today? In korea, people eat ddeok-manduguk on new years day. (There are some differences between province… Some eat ddeokguk, other eat ddeokmanduguk). Of course, I ate it. Happy new year katie!

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