A Day in Daejeon

I had a day off yesterday so I went to Daejeon, a city about an hour south of Seoul to visit Jong-in at his school. My day started at the Seoul train station. Trains are still the most convenient way to get around Korea.  

Seoul Station 7:50am

  Daejeon is a planned city, as many of the newer cities in Korea are, which means that it was designed with a specific purpose in mind. Daejeon’s purpose is to serve as the science and technology research hub for the peninsula. That’s why Jing-in’s school, KAIST or Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology, is located there instead of in a bigger city like Seoul or Busan.  

He showed me around the campus, which looked a lot like any American college campus, except that it was impeccably clean. 


The school of Cultural Technology

All of the books above are theses by KAIST graduate students. 

 This one was my favorite.

Even though KAIST focuses on technical studies, there is an emphasis on the arts as well. 

 The installation below has magnetic pictures of KAIST graduates and professors. People can move the magnets to reflect what they think they graduates are doing now- if they are working in theory or in practice, in an emotional or a rational field.   

 It was a gorgeous day too, a really nice start to December. 

 We visited our good friend Vince who is an English teacher at Woosang University, also in Daejeon. He took us to lunch at the culinary school’s beautifully designed cafe. 

 I had French onion soup for e first time in forever! 

Sadly, I had to go back to Seoul in the afternoon, as I had work the next day.  

 Even though it was a very short trip, it was a good reminder that almost any travel can be fun. Sometimes it’s nice to see something completely new, even for just an afternoon. 



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