Belated MERS Update Post 2015

My school was required by the Department of Education to take the entire week of June 8th off. No school! Pretty sweet right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, our scheduled summer break was used to compensate for the missing days, so no summer break at the end of July for me. However, I am not one to sit around and mope. I decided to use the surprise vacation to my advantage- I went back to California for a quick visit!

I decided to go very last minute, so a big THANK YOU to my parents for being supportive and available! Also another big THANK YOU to the friends who went way out of the way to make time for my inconvenient California appearance, it was so strange and wonderful to see everyone!

Most of my home-time was spent rolling on the floor with this dude.


hi jody

I also spent some wonderful one-on-one time with my mom, she was amazing and picked me up from the airport with my stepdad (she also dropped me off there as well). And she treated me to a pedicure!  I was fortunate enough to see (almost) the entire side of the family for a dinner. My grandpa and uncle had a million questions for me, and I hope I answered them somewhat adequately.

I didn’t tell my little sister that I was coming home for a visit, so I got to surprise her at her fifth grade “step-up” ceremony. She burst into tears when she saw me, and I obviously welled up too. I also got to crash my stepmom’s fancy birthday dinner at Vic Stewart’s in Walnut Creek. My dad convinced my brother that he likes martinis- I think he may have regretted the choice.


Mark becomes a man

I also had a chance to visit an old family favorite- the Kingfish in Oakland. It’s changed a lot since the last time I was there, and definitely for the better. It still has the same low ceilings and dim lighting that we all know and love, but now there’s a beautiful back patio as well- gamedays anyone?

IMG_0094_2It was a far too short vacation, but I’m so happy I got to take it!




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