Updates from an Outbreak: MERS 2015

Ok so ignore the somewhat serious headline, I am fine, and so is everyone else I know in Korea. The government has quarantined everyone who shared the same air as Patient Zero. The schools are closed as a precaution, since small children and the elderly are most susceptible to the disease. Speaking of which, the kids are still adorable little monsters. Only four kids came to class on Wednesday, which made for a very relaxing environment.


I have no idea why Lincoln, in the back, looks like he wants to kill me.

The kids have been working on their summertime plant project, which has given me the opportunity to take some adorable pictures. (So all the pictures I post in the blog are mine, except some below- thank you Sophia!) The plant project’s goal is the show the kids how plants grow, as there is a beautiful vegetable garden on the roof of the school. Most of what we do as teachers, however, is take pictures and have the kids play with magnifying glasses.

thomas Of late, Thomas has taken to climbing on his desk and whisper-yelling, “I AM SPIDERMAN”. He also will occasionally crouch low to the ground during lessons and tell me that me that now he is “tiny Thomas”. It’s both incredibly funny and very strange. Children are weird little creatures.

jummei akyasI’m not sure how these two could be any cuter.

the girls

Or these three.


Rachel, the junior scientist, uses a magnifying glass to magnify her own cuteness. Not that it needed any magnifying!

the boys

My (slightly) older boys are goofing off with their magnifying glasses. Anush is one of the sweetest kids I have ever met- whenever I tell him that he’s done a good job he responds-

“I do good, Teacher?” said with an enormous smile,

“Yes, very well done Anush!”

So that’s the update from Yeongtong. To anyone in Korea reading- stay safe and healthy!


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