Yeongtong Highlights with the Family

Mom and Mark also spent some time in beautiful (ish) Yeongtong. They got to visit my school, which was hilarious and completely awesome, and probably the highlight of their trip for me. The kids loved them, of course.

Unfortunately, the time came for the pair to leave, but I wanted to send them off in style. We had brunch at Grotto, which by day is a family friendly brunch spot and by night a trendy wine bar. It was a fantastic last meal in Korea, even if it wasn’t Korean food. We had a lot of that.

pizzakiwi mark

I took a picture of my food and Mark enjoyed his kiwi juice, as one does.

We also walked around and went to the park, which obviously meant we played around on the exercise machines. It was clearly no fun at all.

mark mom park

It was so fun having these two visit! I hope they had as much fun as I did 🙂


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