Crazy Horse

Seoul has a shocking number of “well-known” jazz clubs, considering jazz is not something typically associated with Seoul. So I was skeptical about entering Crazy Horse, one of the more famous jazz clubs in Seoul. Crazy Horse is in the basement of commercial building in the classy Garosugil neighborhood, and frankly it doesn’t look like much. Some bright paint, Polaroid pictures, and a couple posters of Crazy Horse himself were halfheartedly posted on the walls to secure a certain hip aesthetic.

But the music, man.

This video does not do the band justice, as I was filming with an iPhone. But seriously, these guys were GOOD, like really really GOOD. The eighteen year old guitarist could really shred, the keyboardist was just a flurry of fingers for entire songs, the tiny singer had pipes.

I asked my date if he had heard of the band before we came but he hadn’t. He said it is normal to see musicians of that caliber playing in a place like Crazy Horse.

What I don’t understand now, is if these kinds of people exist, and clearly they must, why why why is KPOP so popular???

It’s a mystery.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset


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