Shopping Shopping Shopping

Shopping malls are a big deal here. The fanciest ones have gourmet eateries, art installations and of course, premium brands. Since my mom was in town, we decided to do a little bit of shopping 🙂 We were staying close to Namdemun so we decided to tour the market and then see Shinsegae, one of the fancier malls in the area.

The Namdemun market was completely packed and insane, so I couldn’t get any pictures. But it’s worth it: people selling every imaginable good, from dried ginseng to scarves to hot dogs to socks. It’s a vibrant, chaotic, discount scene.

Shinsegae mall was essentially the opposite. It was almost like a museum; the surfaces were polished and pristine, people spoke in hushed tones, and everything was very, very expensive.

There were actual art installations, some odd, like the hanging people curtain:

art is weird

art is weird

and some beautiful, like the sculptures in the rooftop garden:

shin sculpture

One of the best parts was the basement grocery store, which is stocked with a treasure trove of foreign goods, including my favorite beer.

like seeing an old friend

like seeing an old friend.. who is suddenly very expensive

And so ended Mom’s first weekend in Seoul.


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