Foodie Stuffs

I had a bit of a foodie weekend, maybe because it was actually above freezing for the first time in months.

Saturday night I tried Korean style lamb kabobs, called 양고기, or yanggogi. The teeny kabobs were placed above the coals at the table, but the coolest part was that they were automatically rotated, like so:

It tasted so strangely similar to Middle Eastern lamb kabobs- there was even a fennel based dipping powder for the finished kabobs. So delicious!

For lunch on Sunday, I had grilled fish or 생선구이- saeyong shin gui.

my that's a lot of teeth

my that’s a lot of teeth

The fish was accompanied by seasoned acorn jelly or 도토리묵 dotorimuk, a common Korean side dish.

A lot of my fellow diners were surprised to see me there- grilled fish is considered to be a very traditional meal. One elderly lady even went out of her way to wave me down and ask in broken English if I had enjoyed the food 🙂

I finished my foodie weekend with mochi, one of my favorite Japanese desserts.

yummy persimmon mochi

yummy persimmon mochi

Mochi is a frozen dessert- the inside is either frozen ice cream or fruit which is surrounded by a subtly sweet dough.

I actually received the mochi as a gift. In Korea, March 14th is known as White Day, sort of a counterpart to Valentines’ Day.



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