Seol-nal Extravaganza

Seol-nal, or Lunar New Year, is actually on the 19th, but the school held its Seol-nal event last Thursday because we actually get the holiday off (SHOCKING NEWS, I KNOW!) I spent the day shepherding around small children while wearing a traditional han-bok, which is not the ideal outfit for any physical activity. So it was an interesting day. As usual, I understood about 20% of what was going on, but I still had a lot of fun.

I'm hiding more children in my skirt

I’m hiding more children in my skirt

The han-bok I wore was provided by the school, and it was lovely. I haven’t worn that much pink at one time since I was four and dressing up as a princess. So yes, I felt like a princess. A pretty, pretty princess, dammit.


One of the best things about my school is the diversity. Many of the Indian kids came to school in traditional shalwars.


The students played traditional Korean games, such the beanbag-balance-race game shown above. There is, of course, a Korean name and explanation for the game’s importance, but I lost the info sheet my boss gave me. Sorry. No learning today.

dancingThere was obviously dancing.


There was a game that involved throwing arrows into a pot. It was more dangerous than I cared for. But isn’t Chloe (shown above) just the cutest little thing??

teeter totter

I ended the day by watching two grown women jump on a teeter totter. They were clearly hating it.


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