Insadong District

Insadong, located in northern Seoul is one of the busier areas of the city. It’s known as an excellent shopping district, specializing in traditional Korean crafts and food. So Dad and I embraced the rampant consumerism of the time of year and hitched a ride to Insadong.

We were greeted by two young men making a traditional Korean desert- chopped nuts wrapped in a type of fermented honey that has been stretched into fine hair. It’s a truly bizarre process, which was augmented by the absolutely hilarious men who were demonstrating how to make them.

love the lens-less glasses

love the lens-less glasses

We walked around and saw one of Korea’s infamous “love walls”:

love wallEvery single little circle is a different love note, and every available surface is covered in the small, round, plastic tags.  Romance is not dead in Seoul, apparently.

We also needed to eat, because when it’s below freezing in Seoul, I need to eat once every twelve minutes. We stopped at a traditional looking restaurant:restaurantAnd had some very traditional Mandu-guk, or dumpling soup. It was delicious and cheap and exactly what we needed on such a frigid afternoon.

beautiful soup

beautiful soup




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