A Day at the Museum

Today my school went on a field trip to the Gyeonggi-Do Art and History Museum. I would love to tell you all the things I learned, but I can’t, because I didn’t learn anything because everything was in Korean.

probably art

probably art

So I walked around with a bunch of five year olds saying inane things like “Hey kids! Look at that vase thingy! Cool, right?” The kids would occasionally nod to acknowledge I had spoken, but they could tell they had no reason to actually respond to me.

I would also ask the Angel-Teacher, Olivia, if she could explain some of the things we saw. One of her best responses was, after I asked her what a stone lantern looking thing was used for:

“That? That stone. I think?”

Her inflection made is clear that I had just asked about a decoration, not an actual exhibit. Try again Katie.

pretty right?

pretty right?

She did tell me that the structure above is a temple which was then the only piece of information I could impart to the kids.

There was an exhibit about how far South Korea has come in the past one hundred years. To make everyone feel old, this was actually on display:

it's a beeper, sorry for the blur

it’s a pager, sorry for the blur

We were obliged to stop every five feet and take pictures for the school’s facebook page. My favorite is below, because it’s my monsters with more monsters.

monster class goes to the museum

monster class goes to the museum

They may be monsters, but they’re pretty cute ones.


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