The Pikachu Parade

Last week, one of my fellow teacher invited me to the Pikachu parade in Seoul.  We thought it would be a silly way to spend an afternoon; maybe we would have a couple beers, see some people dressed in costumes and then go shopping in Dongdaemun. Just a casual Saturday, right?

We were so, so wrong. We arrived at two, thinking we would be early, so I could get a good picture. At two pm, the Dongdaemun Cultural Park looked like this:

at least 1,000

at least 1,000?

By random chance, we happened to stand near the parade route, so I did manage to get a picture:


We were completely blocked in and people were going crazy! You would think One Direction was in town, there was so much excitement. (For the older readers- change “One Direction” out for “The Rolling Stones” and you’ll see what I’m saying). The Pikachus were supposed to march by once every hour from two until six. The event was CANCELLED after the first round because the crowds were large and excitable.

It was way, way more intense than we bargained for. So we decided to get some good Mexican food.

To be continued…


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