Pepero Day! 11.11

Some beautiful genius over at Lotte, a Korean mega-conglomerate, (seriously they own everything in Korea- shopping malls, sports teams, clothing lines, and of course they make snack foods as well…) decided that the date November 11, ie 11-11 looks a lot like a pepero cookie and everyone should celebrate that fact by giving each other peperos. What’s a pepero? Back in the States, I knew them as Pocky.



If you’re blind, but yet somehow reading my blog, a pepero is a cookie stick that is covered in chocolate. Addicting little devils.

Pepero day is kind of like Valentines’ Day, but better. Remember Valentines’ Day in grade school? Everyone got nice notes and candy and no one was left disappointed and watching Netflix alone while eating a pizza.

My co-teacher Sophia is too sweet!

My co-teacher Sophia is too sweet!

It’s a great holiday that really deserves to go global. In my humble opinion anyway.


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