The Curious Case of the Pan-Pacific Recipe

My grandmother was not known for her cooking. That’s actually an understatement, she was an  unapologetically bad cook. There was even a little a little cross stitch in her kitchen that read: “The best thing I make for dinner is reservations.”

One of her go-to recipes was hot dogs and onions. It’s exactly what it sounds like- hot dogs, sliced up, and sautéed with onions.  I spent every other weekend with my grandparents as a kid, so I have fond memories of eating hot dogs and onions for breakfast while my grandpa read the paper. My parents have no such fond feelings for the dish, and my mother especially dislikes it (along with Spam and rice, macaroni salad, beets and papaya- really anything she had to eat growing up).

I thought that hot dogs and onions were a Texeira original, born of my grandmother’s frugality and lack of culinary inclination. So imagine my surprise at lunch today….

yes the rice is purple. that's a whole other story

yes the rice is purple. that’s a whole other story

I still don’t have the facts on how my Hawaiian grandmother and my Korean kindergarten class ended up eating the same exact thing. Maybe it had something to do with war- my grandmother grew up in WWII era Honolulu, while many popular Korean dishes are based off of foods eaten during the Japanese occupation (also WWII) and the Korean War. But I have absolutely no evidence to back any of that up.

So for now, it remains a curious little coincidence.


2 thoughts on “The Curious Case of the Pan-Pacific Recipe

  1. I absolutely love this blog! Wait, I have to pick myself off the ground from rolling with laughter. I bet Nana has got a big smile on her face as well. Keep ’em coming,Katie, you are awesome!


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