Teaching a group of precocious four and five year old is certainly a challenge. Luckily for me, I have an “Angel-Teacher”- sort of a teacher’s aid, but absolutely vital to getting anything done. Nam Sang Nam, or Olivia, as I am allowed to call her because I absolutely butchered her real name, is awesome.

how could you not like her?

how could you not like her?

She doesn’t speak much English (although she speaks far more English than I speak Korean so there’s that) but I’ve managed to glean that she enjoys making kimchi, going to church, and dancing to Gangnam Style.

The language barrier can be difficult at times, but I’ve found that kids are exasperating and funny in any language. There’s a lot of shared sighs and probably the same amount of shared laughs.

I eat lunch with her and the kids in the classroom. She sits on one end of a long table, while I sit on the other. There are some moments where it seems like we are the heads of an extremely large, multiracial family, as we have to constantly remind the kids to eat or to clean up or to not throw their food at each other.

angel halloween


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