“I miss Sunday”

In addition to teaching kindergarten, I also tutor older children. Although not as cuddly as the adorable ankle biter below, it’s nice to change the scenery in the afternoon, so to speak.

such a cute monster, right?

such a cute monster, right?

There is a rambunctious group of eight year olds who love taking advantage of my lack of Korean skills (lack of skills is an understatement at best). Whenever they are too exhausting I have them play a game where they run back and forth across the room while I sit and watch. And yet, they love it. The girl below said I have beautiful hair, so she’s clearly my favorite. Yes, I am that vain.

Trouble, trouble

Trouble, trouble

Then there are what we, in America, would call the middle school set. I tutor a pair of completely mismatched students- an exceptionally tall, energetic, goofy young man, partnered with a tiny, soft-spoken, brilliant young lady. A young lady who once told me that she doesn’t have a favorite TV show, not because she isn’t allowed to watch TV, but because she’s just not that into it. She would rather read. The young man, shown below, loves The Avengers, Rambo, making fake explosion noises, Tony Stark, trying to scare me by jumping out from behind the door, and Captain America.

The one thing he learned from Rambo- "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"

The one thing he learned from Rambo- “FIRE IN THE HOLE!”

My final tutoring student won “best quote” for this week. I was asking the fifteen year old what she did this weekend, and she replied “I slept.” Ya me too, good call. I asked her how her Monday was going, and she said it was just so-so. I wanted to know why and she just shrugged and said, “I miss Sunday.”

Well done.

it's a mouse duh

it’s a mouse duh

I spend my time drawing animals now.




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