Fries, Foreigners and Finger Condoms

As I mentioned in my last post, the day hadn’t ended yet.

Fries are an integral part of the South Korean diet, and what’s the preferred drink with one’s fries? Beer. I like it here. What may have been the best part about the snack was the accoutrement- the finger condoms. My fries came with complimentary plastic coverings for my fingers so that they didn’t get greasy while eating. It makes sense, but damn if it isn’t the least sexy thing. It may be slightly more sexy than greasy fingers though…

Protect yourself from fries transmitted diseases

Protect yourself from fries transmitted diseases

There was a huge festival in Itaewon, the foreigner area of the city. (I’ve also heard Itaewon referred to as the bohemian/ hipster area of Seoul).

Nights in Itaewon

Nights in Itaewon

The streets were overflowing with people (Koreans, foreigners, police). They were cacophonous-music blaring from cars, music from bars, shouts from the crowds, laughter, and whistles from police and revelers alike. Cars grazed pedestrians legs as the crawled through the streets (there aren’t many sidewalks in Seoul). There aren’t really laws about public intoxication, so I enjoyed a beer on the street corner, taking in the madness.

because of course

because of course

Some of the notable quotes of the night-

“Wait where are the jello shots? Not that I want them right now…”

“Because I wanted to hear bagpipes right now.”

“I’m a fucking famous artist!!” (said by a famous Korean artist. She’s cool).

As the night wound down, there seemed to be only one place left to visit before bed.

fine. judge me. it was delicious

fine. judge me. it was delicious

I have no regrets. And yes, a McDonalds cheeseburger tastes the same in Seoul as it does in San Francisco. But in Seoul, they deliver.

All in all, a good time was had. And Seoul is a lovely place to wake up.

good morning lovely

good morning lovely


6 thoughts on “Fries, Foreigners and Finger Condoms

  1. We are going here because everyone needs to try finger condoms at least once during their lifetime.

    Also, if someone in your office has the NY Times for today and you steal the crossword for me, I will love you forever. John “forgot” to pick it up this morning. Hot mess.

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  2. That time that I hit “reply” rather than “forward”. I MISS YOU!! And I absolutely love reading everything you post!!

    Love, B


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