First Days

I’ve been here for almost three weeks at this point, and I feel like I’m starting to adjust. I went grocery shopping which means I’ve been cooking for myself, which is sort of an art unto itself on the range stove.

Range stove or no... not bad eh?

Range stove or no… not bad eh?

I’m attempting to make my apartment more home-y, so I bought a succulent! I don’t have a name for it yet, any suggestions?

Name me please!

Name me please!

I’ve gotten to know my students better; what they like, what they hate, but mostly what they think they can get away with. Like any other job, there are times when I’m frustrated and times when I’m having fun. It’s exasperating trying to ascertain what’s bothering a kid who doesn’t speak the same language as I do; there has been a ton of confusion and many many blank stares from me. Kids can be pretty cute though. A couple of my little girls have told me they love me and they hold my hand while walking down the halls. It’s pretty hard to dislike that.

I'm the one on the left, to my right is a princess. Lucky me!

I’m the one on the left, to my right is a princess. Apparently princesses have pigtails.

We also made cootie catchers/fortune tellers during free time, it brought me back to my elementary school days. My friends and I would ask the fortune tellers if any of the boys liked us- thankfully these kids are far too young for any of that.

Still fun at 24 y/o

Still fun at 24 y/o

And I’ve gotten to see Seoul a bit. Here is Seoul at night, as seen from the North Seoul Tower, the second tallest tower in Asia. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s actually on the ground this weekend.

See you soon Seoul

See you soon Seoul


One thought on “First Days

  1. Sounds like you are having an interesting time in Korea! Keep enjoying the adventure. Opportunities like this do not happen all the time. All is well here. As you probably heard, Cabo is a go this Xmas. They dinged my credit card very quickly for the balance of the rent payment. Love! Papa

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