Soccer Sandals

South Korean youth are known for being incredibly fashionable. The men typically have a sort of metro/hipster vibe to their outfits, while the women seem to be taking cues from some unknown store that crosses Uniqlo with Urban Outfitters but in a more conservative, and frankly, a more charming way. (Still grunge is alive and well in Seoul. I dig it)

scored this sweet shirt

scored this sweet shirt

It’s refreshingly unique and silly, but still put-together.

Typical outfits, typically adorable

Typical outfits, typically adorable

However, there are some strange and strangely wonderful Korean fashion trends:

1. Matching outfits-(called same- same in Korean). Couples will wear matching outfits in order to proclaim to the world that yes! they are together. It’s an odd trend to witness, especially in crowds. (May favorite was the couple in matching bright orange New Balance sweatshirts)


yes they both have white sweaters…

2. Silly socks. As I’ve already mentioned, Korean people are fastidious about indoor and outdoor footwear. And unless it’s verrrry hot, you don’t wear your indoor slippers barefoot. So it makes sense that having cute socks is super important. I’ve really had to up my sock game.

mad monkey


3. And finally, my favorite trend. It’s less a trend than a lifestyle choice, and I love it. Soccer sandals. And not just soccer sandals. Soccer sandals with socks. There is nothing more comfortable, or less cool, but that stops no one. Soccer sandals are sort of the “errand running” shoe or the “working in the rooftop garden” shoes. Sometimes they are even soccer playing shoes. They are fantastic. They are hideous. They are magic.

Shoobie-chic, but ask me if I care

Shoobie-chic, but ask me if I care

Thank you South Korea for this gift. I will definitely be taking these home with me.


3 thoughts on “Soccer Sandals

  1. Aww… This is making me nostalgic – my hometown’s general male population would totally rock the sock+sandal trend! And they are not even trying to make a fashion statement


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