Tangun- Korean Creation

A very long time ago there were no humans, only gods and animals. Two of these animals, a bear and a tiger, wanted to become more like the gods. Hwangun, the Creator, gave them a challenge- if they could shun sunlight and subsist on solely garlic cloves for a year then they could become more godlike. The tiger is unsuccessful, but the bear succeeds, and Hwangun turns her into a beautiful woman, Ungyo. Hwangun and Ungyo marry and have a son named Tangun who became the first king of Korea.


To celebrate, Friday was a national holiday and on Saturday there was a fireworks show in a park along the Han River. It was insanely crowded- music festival crowded.

Crowds at the Gangnam station

Crowds at the Gangnam station

The entire park was filled with people eating, laughing, drinking, singing and generally having a fantastic Saturday evening. Vendors took advantage of the situation and sold street food, mats, blankets, beer and soju tonic, which I was suckered into buying. It’s not half bad! It, unsurprisingly, tastes like a gin and tonic.

seoul tastic

View from the park

Seoul isn’t really known for it’s beauty but on a sunny Saturday it was stunning!  The mountains in the background are gorgeous, and apparently not all that hard to hike. A challenge for another weekend!


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