The Samsung Kids

Samsung has a headquarters in Suwon, which on its own is not that remarkable. It’s a huge company and one of the major employers in South Korea, and probably the major employer in Suwon.

But the interesting part is that they’ve hired a ton of Indian nationals. Not exactly something I expected to find in South Korea, but I think that just reveals my own biases.

My school has about 20 Indian children, which is proportionately a lot. They are typically more familiar with English than the Korean kids, because it is spoken at home. They also have the cutest accents!

The girl in the featured picture is Sahasra. I couldn’t pronounce her name for the first two days, so I called her Salsa. She didn’t seem to mind. Seeing as she is a princess, (her hat says so) it would be beneath her to care what peasants like me call her.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetArjun is four going on 85. While on a walk through the park, Arjun fell behind. I tried to compel him to catch up with the group, and he responded- “I do one thing at time”. Good call Arjun. I respect that.


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